About Us

image Walking into Pine Tree Yarns is like taking a stroll through a summer garden; each color and texture is amazing and pulls you towards it. Elaine's forte is color and texture and that is obvious when you visit her shop. She dyes Alpaca, silk, boucles, wool and mohair into shades inspired by her own garden. When dyeing wool, Elaine's color decisions are based on her daily walks on the Coast of Maine. Looking at tidal pools, pines by the sea, autumn leaves, and colorful fields of lupine by the side of the road, she focuses on nature's palette.

The process continues when Elaine mixes dyes, the color of a mussel shell or a maple leaf. Elaine pioneered and perfected the art of hand painting yarns by mixing many colors and putting them on a skein of yarn. "Magic" she says, "It's like the mixing of colors in a watercolor painting; each color finds its' own way."

There are many unique dyers from around the globe and Elaine thrives on finding interesting sources. For example, Elaine hand picks individual skeins of yarn from the Belfast Mini Mills located on Prince Edward Island, Canada. We invite you to come into her store and experience the varied selections.